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The exercise of imagination is dangerous to those who profit from the way things are because it has the power to show that the way things are is not permanent, not universal, not necessary.
Ursula K. Le Guin,
The Wave in the Mind: Talks and Essays on the Writer, the Reader and the Imagination


Speculative Friction Community Call

4pm UTC // 11am EST // 8am PST
Friday, March 22nd

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Friction between lived experiences, incentive structures, and power dynamics in the data and AI ecosystem makes it challenging for individuals and communities to negotiate for their digital sovereignty and rights. How do we eliminate "bad" friction and build in "good" friction that creates space for constructive dialogue, understanding, transparency, learning, and care, in the context of generative AI adoption within specific domains? Who gets to decide what is "good" and "bad" friction and how is this related to design choices such as seams, explainability, human-centered design, and human agency, as well as algorithmic auditing, evaluation, and improving safety for algorithmic systems?

During this first online community call we will explore these questions and create a map of the perspectives we each bring to the table. 

RSVP here.

You can express your interest in hearing more about this work and future events and opportunities here.